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“The bond between an Officiant and a couple is precious. I will ensure that your ceremony is all about you, your love, your personalities, and your traditions.”



A Little About Myself

If I had to describe myself I would say that I am a loving and kind person with a wicked sense of humour, and a deep-seated faith who “walks the walk and not just talks the talk”. I love words and I have a gift for using them to create beauty and express emotion.

I have been married to my best friend going on 47 years and hope for another 47 years with him.  I have a wisdom that comes from a lifetime of experiences and believe that Love is what really and truly matters in this world. I have an understanding of many religions, and I have been involved in Women’s Ministry for many years.

Weddings Officiated

I realized that a lot of young people have not been raised in the church nowadays, and therefore have no access to a “home” church.  A great many couples don’t want what they perceive as a “religious” ceremony as they aren’t religious.  Because of that it can sometimes be difficult for a couple wanting to be married in anything other than a civil service and that can often be very impersonal.  Perhaps I could help. I believe in marriage whole-heartedly.  It is not just a piece of paper or a legal document.  It can be the bonding of two souls for a lifetime – and perhaps longer.

I have currently officiated over 100 wedding ceremonies and I have made sure each and every one has been tailored specifically for each couple.   I encourage each couple, if they wish, to write their own Vows or to add some other personal element in the ceremony.

To arrange an appointment to meet simply contact me using the form at the bottom of my website, or give me a call at 705-345-2737 and we can schedule a mutually convenient time and date.  A meeting in NO way obligates you to retain my services and I will leave with you some useful information and suggestions for your wedding.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Gail Lutes

At our initial meeting I will ask specifics of what your vision is for your Ceremony and a bit about your backgrounds. I will try to find out details of your life together.  Things like how you spend your together time and how you met and how long you have known each other; your personal likes and dislikes.  Whether you have children together or from previous relationships, I will work with you to ensure your wedding is just as you want it.


If you want someone to just hit all the legal points and fill in the paperwork then you don’t want me.  I love words.  I love how words, when chosen and manipulated, can imprint truth, change thoughts and ideas and evoke emotions.  I will promise to use my wordsmithing abilities to craft a wedding ceremony that is uniquely yours.  I will make it meaningful and romantic with just a glimmer of humour and perhaps an emotional tear or two will be brought forth.


At the end of your Ceremony I want people to feel that they have just been fortunate to share a special and intimate moment with you as you begin your lives together.

I have done a variety of ceremonies from Celtic Wedding that included a Stone Oath Swearing, to a ceremony where there were two of us Officiating.  Another where the Bride and Groom were from different faiths and different ethnic backgrounds. I have done many Ceremonies where I’ve blended families in a variety of ways. I’ve also included blessing of their children.  There have been some where we took a moment to remember loved ones who have passed on and even one where their dogs were part of the bridal party.


This year I had a lovely “Surprise Wedding” ceremony held in a park where only the immediate families were present.  The families thought they were meeting to have family photos taken and were surprised by the couple with a wedding instead.  I have done huge elaborate weddings with several hundred guests and then some that were lovely yet simple with only a handful of guests and the food prepared by the families.


No matter the size or style of wedding each ceremony was carefully written, the readings selected with love and attention to detail and everything woven together to create a script that flowed easily and elegantly to the fairy-tale conclusion of The Kiss. I absolutely adore what I do, and I believe it shows!

Your Wedding is a Unique Experience

Highly Recommended Wedding Officiant having successfully preformed weddings at leading venues including Casino Rama Resort, Horseshoe Resort, Best Western Mariposa Inn and Conference Center, Hawkridge Golf and Country Club.

I have also enjoyed preforming small intimate backyard weddings and some at fun and unusual sites, including a baseball diamond! 

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Orillia, Barrie, Midland, Oro-Medonte, Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Brechin, Innisfil and surrounding area.


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